Hi Ladies (and the few gents who read my blog),

Happy International Women’s Day!

There is some good stuff out there to help us celebrate this very important day. Lots of Limbaugh parody, the unearthing of old letters from 200 years ago that apply very strangely to the current state of women’s equality, and some chatter on a controversial article on Time (notice I said on because it’s on the web, not in the magazine – weird shift, huh?) called “Area Women People.” Some wacky, scary, eye-opening shit to make us sit back and think about our position in the world.

But my absolute favorite is totally badass. It’s snarky, and bitchy, and smart, and raw. You have to see it. I wish I could stare at it all day, because I love it so much. I also wish I could paste the entire thing into my blog so I could keep it forever, but I can’t. So please please take the time out to visit Ann Friedman’s blog (she’s a writer for Good Magazine) to check it out. Many thanks to my friend Emily at Rosie Says for sharing.

So, men, take a back seat. We’re doing fine without y’all.


Girl Power,



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