Home Sweet Home

Happy Friday, Friends!

It has been quite an eventful week at work. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to share earlier.

I spent last weekend at home with my wonderful, beautiful family. It was so nice to be with my mom, aunt, and grandmother for Mother’s Day. All us girls threw them a little, Spring-time brunch. It was a beautiful day and we sat at our long kitchen table, so the whole family could sit together. It was such a little gesture and the moms were so happy! Moms are the easiest people to please. A little love goes a long way :)

I borrowed these pictures from my little sis, Kaveri. So you can compliment her on her photography skills!

Being home is the most comforting feeling in the world. There’s nothing I love more than having senseless conversation, laughing uncontrollably, and drinking tea with the Gautam clan. I’m so blessed!

I did miss the boyfriend though :)

Hope you all have a great weekend. I know the weather in NYC is supposed to be splendid, and I intend to thoroughly enjoy it (on Sunday – tomorrow I’m working my third wedding of the season!).




A New York Weekend

Happy Monday, lovelies!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! I had a great weekend, so I’m ready to go this Monday morning.

On Friday night, we met up with a good friend of mine from Cleveland (and later Chicago). She is getting married this August and I love hearing all about her wedding planning process.  Her wedding is going to be… for lack of a better term… epic. So it’s really fun to hear the details.

My NYC (and previously Miami U) girlfriend, Niha, had her best friend in town as well. It was so much fun getting to know her. Meeting your friends’ best friends is always so enlightening, isn’t it?

The girls + my BANGS...

On Saturday, I met Amanda for an afternoon of wedding fun, at the Etsy “To Have & To Hold” event. It was much smaller than we anticipated, but we managed to have a great time – sipping on St. Germain cocktails, posing in the photobooth, and taking in all the GORGEOUS wedding swag. Here’s a peak at some of my favorite stands.

And here’s Amanda and I being goofy (with drinks, albeit fake, in hand, AGAIN)… <3

We followed our wedding galavanting up with a lovely brunch in the West Village & a little walk around town.

I met Niha + her friend Hanane afterwards and we ran around New York in search of the perfect bag (my dream afternoon). We made a pit stop for Magnolia, sat by a random fountain, and had some amazing conversations.

Couldn’t have been better.

Saturday night was spent on my couch, catching up on all my indulgent TV shows, and some much needed relaxation. I got to bed at a decent time, and went for my first run (in an EMBARRASSINGLY long time) on Sunday AM by the water. It was hard, but I felt great afterwards – and I’m painfully sore today – so I know I did good :)

I topped off my weekend with some pizza (hey! I ran!) and lounging with the man. We have some busy busy weeks coming up, so it was nice to spend the evening alone + together!

Ahh, I feel lovely just thinking about it. What did you do this weekend?




To Have & To Hold – Event by Etsy

To Have & To Hold - Event by Etsy

Hey loves,

My friend Amanda & I just signed up to attend Etsy’s To Have & To Hold Event at the end of April! This is going to be my first real wedding “event,” so I’m really excited.

You should all sign up — even if you are just “planning ahead.” (This was an drop down menu option, so they get it!).


Favorite(?!) Wedding Ever

I know this is a very bold statement.

I’m sure as we continue our relationship together we’ll have plenty of other favorites together. But for now, in this moment, I am totally captivated by this wedding.

I have succumb to the fact that my wedding will never ever be like this. To start, I don’t have three adorable children, the exorbitant & inevitable amount of guests at my hypothetical wedding will not fit in this pleasant Motel in the middle of no where, the man in my life does not look like the lead singer from Iron & Wine, and if I served pizza at my wedding, my large Indian family may disown me.

BUT, God, is this wedding amazing. And I want it. One Day. Take a gander:

All of these lovely images are courtesy of the eye-candy-esque Blue Bird Vintage. You can see the rest of my favorite(?) wedding on her blog. Not to mention all the other pretties. This woman is a G (yes, as in gangsta).




Ps, thanks to my love office girlfriend, Amanda,  for sharing with me!

February Bride-to-be [Idea Boards #2]

Rise & Shine Wedding Fanatics!

I can’t believe how early I woke up this Saturday morning. Especially considering I spent my entire night with a glass of wine in hand.

But, lushness aside, I’ve now switched to a nice fresh cup of joe and am ready to share the idea boards from my February Bride-to-be.

Selma wanted a really simple, elegant event with muted gold and whiteish tones. She was playing with the idea of an accent color (but really wanted to stay away from anything too girly). The wedding is in December, but since it’s in Miami it can still feel warm. The ceremony is probably going to be outside! Ah, living in warmer climates. Their venue is also STUNNING. It has a really old world, vintage charm on the exterior, but really modern spaces inside.

Late Summer Day Idea Board

This first board was the closest to what Selma explicitly wanted. Lots of beautiful gold detailing, but in a simpler, less “gawdy,” (which tends to happen with golds) way. I think I have a mini obsession with these half-bloomed white peonies.

Sweet & Heady Idea Board

This second idea board was inspired more from her venue. Since the space itself is so elegant, I felt like we needed a bit more glam so the venue and decor wouldn’t feel mismatched. This board also has quite a bit more color. I stuck with a deep purple as the “pop,” and paired that with a green – I love using green because I feel like it’s one of those colors that helps maintain a more understated feel in the decor and makes it feel more natural overall.

Other Worldly Idea Board

Since Selma + Matt want a true fusion wedding, I figured this last board would help them achieve that feel. I really love the idea of using sari fabric (top left) as table linen. Saris have really gorgeous, intricate detailing that can bring forth the idea of “fusion,” without hitting people over the head with it. I also thought the idea of pairing large, gold tinted hurricanes with small jeweled accents (like the yellow box on the top right) could work really well as a centerpiece idea.

Calla Lilies are super feminine flowers, so I took sort of a risk including them, but check out the coloring! So pretty.

Since these were more along the lines of idea-generators for Selma, I may end up refining these boards a bit as she chugs along with her planning. If so, I’ll make sure to share!

Happy Weekend!





The Monopoly of the Blowout Wedding


How the hell are ya? It’s a beautiful, sunny, warmish (mid 40’s in February! The weather this year is unbelievable! Global warming aside…) Tuesday AM here in the Big Apple. I just booked a ticket to see my beloved family in early March, and I’ve been listening to MIA’s new song on repeat, all morning. All of these make for a pretty good mood.

I have to say, I have some freaking great friends. I’ve been getting a lot of support for WPTB lately, and I’m so so thankful. Thank you guys for all of the inspiration, suggestions, and advice. Love you guys.

One of my Chicago loves emailed me the other day and a suggested topic. Here I am, engrossed in my mid-20’s world, talking my mouth off about all the lavish, blowout wedding ideas I have, when in actuality, some people just aren’t (for lack of a better word) wedding divas. They are quite happy with a classy, low-key get together with their family and besties. I blame the Indian in me – I’ve always just assumed my parents will have 500 guests to invite and I won’t really have a choice. But the idea of a really intimate fete is kind of sexy. It gives your event an air of exclusivity and privacy that are pretty hard to come by these days (especially considering every moment of everyone’s lives are plastered all over the web).

The wedding pictured directly below had only 75 guests. Because of this, the couple could spend their money in the way that was most important to them (clearly gorgeous decor), and spend time only with the people most important to them.

Wedding Ceremony via IntimateWeddings.com

People who choose to have smaller, more “chilled-out” weddings can also pick totally badass venues. This one could only fit 40 people!

Badass Wedding Venue via Intimate Weddings

Not having to sweat the big stuff is another massive perk of keeping your wedding low-key. Since the people you’ve invited know you inside & out, you can really let loose. And your guests will love it! They’ll say to themselves “that’s so her!!!!” rather than “wow, how drunk is the bride?”

Amazing Dancing Bride via Intimate Weddings

And, quite importantly, you can have your favorite foods. Even if they’re lobsters and expensive as all hell. Because hey! You can only feed your favorites the best of the best. And let’s be honest – no one has hundreds of favorites. This couple only had 10 ;)

Mini Menu via Intimate Weddings

I’m excited to hear whether you guys have any more ideas for low-key weddings. What makes them more appealing than a blowout? Are you considering a small gathering a little more after reading through this post?

Since you’re all in my blogging inner circle, I’d invite you all to my special little day if I had one!



PS – Clearly a lot of inspiration from Intimate Weddings. Seriously check it out. The weddings are to die for.

Real Women Do It Themselves

Don’t get me wrong. I like expensive things as much as the next girl. And when it comes to décor, especially wedding décor, you can’t go wrong with lux. Chandeliers, beautiful candle light, thousands and thousands of flowers, silk, velvet… you know, the rich stuff (double entendre intended). I’m totally drawn to it. When I saw Kim K’s wedding (is it okay to discuss this yet?), I actually gasped at the splendor! I mean, what’s not to love.

But when my out of body experience (again, referring specifically to how I felt while watching the Kardashian Event – how funny that it was called a Kardashian Event, definitely a bad sign) ended, and I found myself still seated in my little (I mean really little) old NYC apartment, it dawned on me. I would never have that. And neither would the vast majority of similarly situated young ladies. So since, despite being drawn to the fancy, I am fascinated by the  opposite side of the spectrum. Namely, DIY.

Now to some, “do it yourself” sounds daunting and cheap, and like it should be reserved for men who frequent Home Depot, are re-doing the bathroom in the basement of their home, or (on a slightly more pleasant note) building a tree house for their kids. It certainly does not sound like it’s a task for a bride.

But if you’re like me, and you love Pinterest (here we go again…), you’ve probably noticed just how many absolutely amazing things you can do if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, and not willing to spend a fortune.

Today, I want to focus on centerpieces. DIY centerpieces are a really easy way to keep your budget in check. Not to mention there are some seriously beautiful ideas. Martha Stewart has a ton.

In my opinion, flowers are a must. Real flowers bring so much life to décor, they smell wonderful, and they’re just plain classy. But if you’re clearing out your pockets to pay for flowers (or just think feeding your guests is more important – debatable), you need to think more conservatively when it comes to other table accessories. The first and last pictures below require lots of flowers, the second requires significantly less (although I’d personally clump all of the little vases together to have a bigger effect), and the third doesn’t have any (but still stunning!).

Bags O Flowers - Martha Stewart

Moss & Roses - Martha Stewart

Doily Chandelier - Martha Stewart (Tutorial Included)

White - Martha Stewart

It’s also important to keep in mind that centerpieces CAN be really simple. Table settings are just like outfits. It’s all about how you accessorize. Pair a simple white combination (like above) with a bright yellow tablecloth for a simple, modern, really beautiful effect.

I hope this gets your wheels turning and your creativity brewing. Weddings don’t have to break the bank! In fact, some of the most gorgeous ones don’t.


Your Wedding Planner to-be,