My First New York-iversary

Considering that this year has been so inspired, I feel ironically uninspired while setting out to write this.

Maybe it’s because New York has now become my life. The novelty of living here has worn off, and although there are still moments when I stop in my tracks, and look up at the skyline in awe, most days I’m still tired in the morning. I don’t always have a hop in a step. I don’t always feel like spending 30 minutes choosing an outfit to look like a fashionable New Yorker. I gawk every time I receive my rent bill. And I’m still disappointed that my life, somehow, hasn’t ended up like an episode of Friends.

Living in New York is nothing like I had imagined. Of course, I’ve always been the idealistic type, imagining the figurative next step as something grand, idyllic, romantic, literary. Built up and written down through expectations set through the media, New Yorkers, and society in general. The Greatest City in the World, they all say.

And sometimes it is. It is the greatest city. The greatest city with the greatest food, the smartest people, the prettiest places, the toughest days. A city in which challenges abound.

I don’t love New York for New York’s sake. I don’t love it because of the cool places, or the museums, or the cocktails, or the shopping, or the Jake Gyllenhaal sightings, or the macaroons, or the pizza, or the rooftop bars  (though these are all seriously wonderful).

I love it because of what it’s done for me. It has tested my limits, taught me the importance of good people, and helped me understand the value of a real career — one that brings passion & excitement back into every day. It has made my relationships stronger, my confidence steadier, and my skin thicker. It’s helped me realize that when you find someone you love, you stick with them, because they really are one in a million.

And although I miss being closer to my family, my cozy (and unrealistically large) Chicago apartment, and the lovely feeling of the Midwest, I am pretty damn proud of myself for making it here (especially without getting kicked to the curb at work or going broke).

Here are some of my favorite memories from the last year.

Attending the US Open with BF

Bike Rides and Picnics in Central Park

Mornings at BBH New York

Afternoon Viewings at BBH New York

Birthdays Experiencing Sleep No More

Christmas-time Walks (and SantaCon HA)

Pizza Party Birthdays

Eating Macaroons with K

Soaking up the view form my first NYC apartment

Highline Funs with the Sis

St Patty’s Day with the Cuz

New York Art Crawl

Tribeca Film Festival

Boat rides on the Hudson with favorites

Rekindling Best Friendships

It’s been a doozy of a year.





Bright Colors for Rainy Days

I’m really into neutrals. I rarely wear any color, and if I do it’s a pink lipstick, or bright nail-polish. I recently purchased a bright yellow pair of jeans, and a green sailor dress, and am really hesitant to wear either of them. They feel so flashy! But since this summer, and I’m always jealous of the amazing colors everyone else is wearing, I figure I should give it a try.

via sis’s blog

via Fashion Fuzz

via Fashion Fuzz

Jessica Pare on Mad Men

via Anthropologie

Therapy of the Retail Sort

I was a bit of a shopaholic this weekend.

My sister was in town, and since she knows my taste better than I do, it was nice to have her yay or nay items with which I was temporarily in lust. And would have later hated.

Here’s the quick digest.

Indulgent New Bag – Pour La Victoire

Summer Shoes – NavidONadia

Floral Scarf – Miscellaneous NYC & Chocolate Croissant Compliments of K

Boyfriend Necklace – Kate Spade

Aztec Print Crossbody (on K) & Floral Scarf (worn twice because I love it) – Miscellaneous NYC

How’d we do?