Weddings for Food Fanatics

I worked my favorite wedding thus far, the other week. It was a Christine Paul Event, and it was my favorite for a few reasons. The locale was super chic. Minimal and stunning. They used the New York skyline as part of their decor, used an iPad as a virtual guest book, and had a chef cooking up a storm, in the middle of their dinner venue.

I’ve realized that if a couple loves food, it should always be at the center of their wedding. This couple crafted three special menus, with their chef – one for meats, one for organic veggies, and one for seafood. They served this food buffet style (CLASSY buffet) and had wine pairings for each dish. Their guests were eating until the last possible second. We actually had to personally usher a few guests out because they couldn’t leave their plates and were about to miss the first dance!

Here are some serious Foodie Wedding shots from across the web.

via Ruffled

via Green Wedding Shoes

via Green Wedding Shoes

via Green Wedding Shoes

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via United With Love






To Have & To Hold – Event by Etsy

To Have & To Hold - Event by Etsy

Hey loves,

My friend Amanda & I just signed up to attend Etsy’s To Have & To Hold Event at the end of April! This is going to be my first real wedding “event,” so I’m really excited.

You should all sign up — even if you are just “planning ahead.” (This was an drop down menu option, so they get it!).


The Easiest Way to Crash a Wedding

A bright colleague of mine at BBH shared something disturbing with us yesterday. And since it has to do with weddings (in one way or the other), I decided it’d be best to share it.

This is a warning that such people exist, not a propagation of the actual app. Trust me… you want to see this.

Crash Corsage

What I hate about this Crash Corsage app, is that it’s freakin’ smart. Gathering wedding-based data from around the web and aggregating it in a geographically relevant way is pretty damn brilliant. And equally evil. And the saddest part? If one more person leaves one more wedding in a state of post-coital satisfaction (as the app all but promises!!!(???)) and shares their story, people are going to be all over this app (ewwww).

So be warned…

Your Wedding Planner (and potentially wedding bouncer if things like this continue to pop up) to-be,


Virtual Wedding Designer?

Happy Friday, Lovelies!

My apologies for not being on top of posting lately. I’m sure I’ve left you all high and dry and you’re simply in raptures to see me posting again. I will be sure to share any juicy news on my life when appropriate, in order to gain some sympathy and dispel any reader angst. But until then…

We’re all clearly familiar with Wedding Planning tools on Martha Stewart, The Knot,, Wedding Wire, Mint, etc., but this is the first time I’ve seen a tool that literally brings your wedding vision to life in under thirty seconds. I am awestruck! It’s beautifully crafted, has a simple, user-friendly interface, and is just plain magical.

Here’s the scoop. You go to Preston Bailey’s fabulous website. Mosey around for a while to soak it all in (because the entire site is filled with gems!), and when your bridal impatience finally kicks in, click on “Tools,” and “What’s Your Color Story.” From here you simply choose a color, and then share the number of guests attending your wedding, the location, the light source, and the tone. The last step is to add a “Preston Factor” to the mix: Theater, Night Club, Garden, or Spa, and voila! Your dream wedding awaits.

Preston Bailey "What's Your Color Story?"

I’ve had about 15 hypothetical weddings at this point, and I just can’t stop! Here’s the last one our little virtual friend came up with:

Preston Bailey "What's Your Color Story?"

Isn’t it in gorgeous!? Make sure to peruse Preston’s website for more amazing thoughts (like this post about the impact of the legalization of gay marriage on the wedding industry) and ideas (like these quirky personalized stamps).