Thanks for swinging by! If you’re a friend, thanks for the support. If you’re not, thanks for spending a few moments perusing my life. I may be a stranger now, but maybe we’d get along!

Whole Creativity was the name of my first big blog. I wrote about the tectonic shifts in my 20-something life, and then abandoned it to pursue my dream of wedding planning. Wedding Planner to-be was the next stop. It was housed on this very page (in fact, you’ll still see a lot of wedding content here) and helped me dig through my dreams and aspirations. I dug and dug until I came right back around, in true self-revelation style, and found myself in love with exactly what I had. My job in advertising, my life in New York, and the wonderful people I call my buddies.

So here I am, in another stage of my personal evolution. Back to where I started, but with a lot more certainty. Looking for a place to shoot the shit with like-minded folks. Not just about weddings, or advertising, or art, or food, but about all of it.

So thanks again for joining me. Leave a comment or two, and let’s be friends!




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