Emily Gets Married

One of my favorite bloggers, Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, recently got married. This week, she’s been sharing the details of her big day. The ceremony, reception, decor, her look overall. I’m simply drooling. I’ve been eagerly awaiting her posts everyday this week. And although it’s not Friday, and there’s one more post to go, I just had to share some of my favorites.

Couples Stationary

Love this shot

Table Number Keys

Love the colors

Small and Simple Cakes

How gorgeous is the forest in the back?

Her wedding looks and sounds so lovely. There’s a really dreamy quality about it, don’t you think?





When I’m Famous…

When I’m famous, I will be attending the Cream Event.

As they so eloquently put it, the The Cream Event is “one hell of a showcase event featuring the raddest CROP of people in weddings.” I totally acknowledge that this is not me… yet… but it will be. One of these days. Or one of these years. You bet your ass.

And this is why I want to go:

Vintage-y Glasses via Green Wedding Shoes

Yummy Place Setting via Green Wedding Shoes

Where the cool people get their pretty wedding furniture via 100 Layer Cake

Vintage Napkins (drooling) via 100 Layer Cake

All My Future Best Friends, Clearly via 100 Layer Cake

Kate Spade Cameo via 100 Layer Cake

Make total sense? Self-explanatory?

Thought so.


February Bride-to-be [Idea Boards #2]

Rise & Shine Wedding Fanatics!

I can’t believe how early I woke up this Saturday morning. Especially considering I spent my entire night with a glass of wine in hand.

But, lushness aside, I’ve now switched to a nice fresh cup of joe and am ready to share the idea boards from my February Bride-to-be.

Selma wanted a really simple, elegant event with muted gold and whiteish tones. She was playing with the idea of an accent color (but really wanted to stay away from anything too girly). The wedding is in December, but since it’s in Miami it can still feel warm. The ceremony is probably going to be outside! Ah, living in warmer climates. Their venue is also STUNNING. It has a really old world, vintage charm on the exterior, but really modern spaces inside.

Late Summer Day Idea Board

This first board was the closest to what Selma explicitly wanted. Lots of beautiful gold detailing, but in a simpler, less “gawdy,” (which tends to happen with golds) way. I think I have a mini obsession with these half-bloomed white peonies.

Sweet & Heady Idea Board

This second idea board was inspired more from her venue. Since the space itself is so elegant, I felt like we needed a bit more glam so the venue and decor wouldn’t feel mismatched. This board also has quite a bit more color. I stuck with a deep purple as the “pop,” and paired that with a green – I love using green because I feel like it’s one of those colors that helps maintain a more understated feel in the decor and makes it feel more natural overall.

Other Worldly Idea Board

Since Selma + Matt want a true fusion wedding, I figured this last board would help them achieve that feel. I really love the idea of using sari fabric (top left) as table linen. Saris have really gorgeous, intricate detailing that can bring forth the idea of “fusion,” without hitting people over the head with it. I also thought the idea of pairing large, gold tinted hurricanes with small jeweled accents (like the yellow box on the top right) could work really well as a centerpiece idea.

Calla Lilies are super feminine flowers, so I took sort of a risk including them, but check out the coloring! So pretty.

Since these were more along the lines of idea-generators for Selma, I may end up refining these boards a bit as she chugs along with her planning. If so, I’ll make sure to share!

Happy Weekend!





January Bride-to-Be [Idea Boards – #1]

Happy hump day, folks!

Since it’s still January, and I haven’t lost too much time in 2012, I’ve decided to start a new monthly activity. Alongside helping the amazing Christine Paul with a few weddings here and there, I’m also going to start building my own event planning skills by helping any of my bride-to-be friends design their weddings! On the house, of course :).

Now accepting inquiries. Email me at  AGweddingplannertobe@gmail.com if you’d like any help or know someone who might!

This idea didn’t come out of no where – A few weeks ago, a recently engaged friend of mine asked for a bit of help thinking through some design elements for the Chapel her and her fiancee had chosen for their big day (The Tittle Chapel in Evanston, IL). She sent over some pictures, and the chapel itself was stunning! High high high domed ceilings, stained glass, romantic lighting. Needless to say, I wasn’t really sure how to pull ideas together without overdoing it. Monisha mentioned her inclination towards a vintage, candlelit look, with color, and how she wanted to steer clear of floral. In my opinion, the best place to start when it comes to brainstorming a look for you wedding is on your favorite wedding blogs, sites, or even just Google search! Find a ton of pictures that catch your eye, and see how they fit together. Or just throw them all together and mix & match your favorite elements.

In this first one, I really went for the vintage feel. Really warm candlelight, and other soft lighting. I love the idea of using wine bottles and large candle sticks as a center piece, and draping bare branches with twinkle lights and chandelier-esque crystals. So pretty and glamorous.

In the second board, I made sure to include a bit more color. I just can’t get over the natural, understated feel that greens bring into a event, even if it’s not outdoors. The pop of deep magenta seemed like the perfect shade for the vintage romance of the chapel – vixen like, sort of sexy (yes, even in a Chapel!). I’m in love with the crystal candle stand on the bottom right, and the large glass ones on the top left. I’m still a little hung up on the blue-ish picture in the bottom/middle, but I thought the draping was just beautiful, and made the decor looked really soft, feminine.

All in all, the main elements I went for were:

– Soft, romantic lighting

– Vintage glam (crystals)

– Romantic, but understated coloring

I’d love to hear what you guys think! What are your favorite pictures from the idea boards above? Know anyone who might be looking for help?

Send em my way!

Your Wedding Planner to-be,