A quick look into the life of (me!) a Social Media Strategist.


Welcome back to my jobs series, So What Do You Do Exactly?  Today’s guest, Ambika, is social strategist at the big NYC advertising agency BBH. She works on megabrands (rhymes with “schmoogle”), up-and-coming products, and non-profits to help them design and execute a 21st century strategy for connecting with their consumers.

What’s your actual job title? Social Media Strategist.

What would your job title be if it actually described what you do? Brand planner, helping brands find their most articulate, clever, effective digital and social selves.

What does a sample day look like? Since my job is to be well versed on all things social, I spend my mornings perusing Facebook and Twitter. I follow a ton of great digital guru sites (Mashable, PSFK, TechCrunch, Gawker, College Humor, BuzzFeed) that keep me in the know. I spend a good amount of time reading.

I am the only…

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Controversial Query: Wedding Gifts vs. Cold Hard Cash

Your friend is getting married. She’s 31, has lived on her own for the past 10 years, and likely has a toaster.

And a few spatulas, a rice cooker, a mini cupcake pan, and a trendy set of silverware she found at a Flea Market in ’07.

She simply doesn’t need the same amount of home-goods as your little sister’s 20 year old, high-school-love-story BFF.

So, what do you do? What do you do if you’re a bride who has already built her life and doesn’t need her guests help? What do you do if your bride friend asks for cash only on her wedding invite? Let’s discuss.

(PS – In case you’re wondering… here are some things I must have on my registry).

Yellow KitchenAid Mixer (duh)

His & Hers Bikes :)

Comfy Blankets via Pottery Barn

Cool Art – How amazing is this piece by Jennifer Sanchez?

If You’re a Bride:

Believe it or not, it’s somewhat impolite to blatantly ask for cash. Understandably, you may have a lot of the things average couples put in their registries, but you still have other options. You can ask guests to donate to a honeymoon fund, donate to a charity, or help you build other aspects of your life (besides your kitchen).

Don’t forget to think outside the box with your registry. At stores like Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, etc., you can get a lot more than you think. Candles, mirrors, cool new cushions, you get the gist. Your registry doesn’t have to be huge, but be sure to give your guests some options.

If You’re a Guest:

If a bride + groom ask for cash, you have to give cash. Sad, but true. A lot of people say that you should match the amount of money you give with the amount the couple spent on having you. This is a great proxy (about $70-$80 per person), but isn’t set in stone.

As a general rule of thumb, though, just give what you can. Whatever you’re comfortable with. I would say don’t dip under $100 for couples who you consider acquaintances, and adjust upward as people climb in friend status.

But here’s the catch. If you’re in the wedding party and have spent tons on attending bachelor/bachelorette parties, flying out for bridal showers, and buying duds for a couples big day, the rules change. Here, give whatever you can afford. It’s appropriate to take into account the amount you’ve already spent. The couple will completely understand. If you’d feel more comfortable, team up with other people in your situation to give a larger sum/gift. But don’t over-think it. Your love and support through this process is likely pretty priceless to them.

In a few words: Don’t be stingy, but don’t go broke.

I’d say that’s about right.



For those with a love of wandering…

My lovely boyfriend has always been the type to value experiences over tangibles. He’ll always choose to get up and do something wonderful in lieu of getting cool pants, a pair of cuff-links, or the transiently trendy metallic sneakers (sweet right now, not so much later? Perhaps?).

After 5 years of dating, I’ve adopted this thinking (in part… As you probably know by now, I love getting pretties), and totally agree that the happy memories you make while traveling, dining out, or simply taking a walk around the neighborhood, outweigh any fleeting happiness you get purchasing a bag (*wince* but it’s true!).

So, this post is for people like us. Those who value a lovely experience more than a top of the line blender.


Click & go. This may very well be the best way to start your life as a married couple. Brilliant!

“Oh, the places you’ll go!”



To Have & To Hold – Event by Etsy

To Have & To Hold - Event by Etsy

Hey loves,

My friend Amanda & I just signed up to attend Etsy’s To Have & To Hold Event at the end of April! This is going to be my first real wedding “event,” so I’m really excited.

You should all sign up — even if you are just “planning ahead.” (This was an drop down menu option, so they get it!).


Tricks of the Trade

Morning Sunshines,

I’ve been pretty under the weather the last few days. I had to stay home on Monday to build myself up for a big meeting on Tuesday. I think the lack of free weekends/free time in general has been catching up with me slowly lately.

I guess I ask for it, though. Alongside my busy job, I try and keep up with my blog, help with weddings, and do a few other small things on the side. This makes it hard to exercise, cook healthy meals, spend time with friends. I have a feeling I’ll have to drop something at somepoint. We shall seee.

Anyway, last week while I was writing my little cakes post,  I remembered a tip I heard a long time ago. I can’t remember where I heard it. I have a feeling it might have been on one of the many wedding shows I (used to, due to aforementioned reasons) watch.

A sneaky way to opt for a cheaper wedding cake, if you’re not the type to openly go small, is to include some fake tiers. This is more common than you think. A lot of couples dream of having a grand wedding cake, but simply can’t justify the cost. So, when you’re meeting with your cake team, ask them how the price would vary if you had a few fake tiers in your cake.

Then, to complete the scheme, buy a yummy sheet cake from your favorite bakery, and keep it in the back. After you’ve cut the cake, and it’s been wheeled away, tell the caterers to cut the sheet cake and bring that out for your guest.

Make sure the colors of both cakes are similar so you can pull this off.

Henna Inspired Wedding Cake




Treat Yo Man Right!


I have something really horrifying to share!

As you may know, I have been working on a very marriage/wedding-planning oriented social media project at work. I am LOVING IT (I mean come on, do you know me!?! These two things are my life), but along the way I’m encountering some really really startling information. Like the kind that makes me speechless. And honey, I always have words.

We love having wonderful, beautiful, expensive things (even if you pretend to be really low-maintenance, would you really force your partner to return something beautiful he/she bought you? PROBABLY NOT). And it’s really fun, especially when you get engaged, to think about all the lovely and eternal pieces of jewelry you’ll gather along the way. I mean, you’re going to have to wear those two little rings for the entirety of your marriage (until death do you part, shall we say).

But sometimes we forget –  there’s one more, very lovely and important person, who is going to be wearing their ring for quite some time, too. Your partner.

On average, a man’s wedding band is 13 TIMES LESS than their lady’s. Yes, that’s 13 times. Men often resort to metals like Tungsten, Rhodium, and Titanium for their rings to save a bit of cash. But honestly, your rings are the one thing that really transcend your wedding day and represent your marriage. So make sure the person you love gets something amazing too. Splurge a little. It’s your marriage, afterall. And one day, when the dust has settled, you’ll be glad you did.

(Okay these might be a little excessive – not every man is a Lamar Odom – but they’re also GORGEOUS. PS- here’s his. Oh la la!)

Happy Hump Day!


For the Fashion Folk – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Starts Today!

Today marks the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in NYC. The web is abuzz with tips and wardrobe-yeses for the fashion faux-pas prone. I like to think that I’m relatively style-savvy, but I must admit – I am eating this stuff up.

Refinery29 did a snippet on the Dos and Don’ts of Fashion Week. The talent is a little lame (not trying to be a snob-bitch (totally not entitled to be), but you’ll see what I mean), but they bring up some pretty good points. Namely – don’t wear sunglasses inside, don’t linger awkwardly around street-style photographers, and bring a snack (although it’s kind of gross to whip out a $5 footlong – let’s try and be sensitive to the celery and seltzer-bound models!).

I am also drooling over Rue La La’s How to Dress for NYFW sale (if you’re not a member at Rue La La, let me know). These items are going like hotcakes, but they’re so swoon worthy. Here are some of my faves:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ah, that’s a lot of faves. I know, I went a little overboard. I’m a virtual window-shopaholic. I guess it’s the safest type to be :)

I can’t wait to see what the new lines look like. A lot of room for wedding inspiration here. Here are a few tidbits that I’ve picked up on already:

  • Animal print is still in. Use these patterns in moderation in your wedding – maybe a Zebra-print napkin at each place setting?
  • So is fur. Use this very sparingly. Napkin rings? Feathers in your centerpiece? Or if you’re bold – maybe a fur shrug over your wedding ensemble?
  • Big statement pieces aren’t going anywhere. Embrace the crazy cocktail rings and heavy necklaces. They give the traditional wedding look and really gorgeous twist
  • Gold gold and more gold
  • Don’t be afraid to bling out – Heavy beading/sequencing/print is a great way to express your personality and go a little crazy

More to come as the week chugs along!