The Key

Hallo Monday Morning!

Ah. I had the loveliest loveliest weekend. BF & I ventured to Virginia to visit his new niece, and she was just… an angel. It was so much fun cuddling with her, holding her little feet,  listening to her babytalk. We were heartbroken when it was time to head back. Sigh, but needless to say, it was lovely.

Now that I’m back in NYC and back on the grind, I wanted to talk about one of my all time favorite wedding decor pieces – Skeleton Keys.

I know these have been around forever and have also been used in weddings quite a lot. But there are some really gorgeous ways to incorporate Skeleton Keys in all sorts of different ways. Here are a few ideas that I love.

Skeleton Key Bouquet via The Brides Cafe

Skeleton Key Ring Picture via The Brides Cafe

Simple Skeleton Key Cake via The Brides Cafe

Skeleton Key Table Settings via Ruffled

More Skeleton Key Table Settings va Ruffled

Pretty, right?





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