When Life Throws You Lemons – A Tribute to Griffin Farley

I’ve been fielding a few lemons in weeks past. The tart kind. That just don’t make for decent lemonade. I’m not the only one coping with these. A lot of people are feeling their bitter effects. I guess that’s how it goes when the world loses someone who’s widely loved. It’s been a week and a half since Griffin Farley passed, and it’s just starting to become real. He’s in a better place, of course, no longer plagued by his sickness. He has truly truly left the world with a powerful grace. But his absence is heavy.

Since I never got to thank him in person for everything that he did for me – except for perhaps a few passing comments – I figure the web is the perfect place for me to share my love and appreciation. Griffin, I hope you hear this!


Griff! We miss you here. We miss your smile and your spirit and your unabashed positivity. I know it was hard, for the last few weeks, to make it into the office all the time. I know it was a long journey from home and you were worn out, but you came in everyday, and faced it fearlessly. I would come up to your desk, and you’d always smile and say good-morning, acknowledging that every day is a blessing and we all better be bloody thankful that we have it. I know you think you were doing it for yourself. But really I think you were doing it for us. For me, even.

You taught me so much. How to be a good strategist, understand digital and social, consider the big picture, but not without digging into the details. I know whatever moves I make in my career will be largely because of what you taught me. And how much you believed in me. But work aside, you taught me perseverance. You taught me that regardless of the lemons thrown your way, life chugs along. And you have to make the best of it! You have to appreciate every moment, every person, every conversation, every opportunity – that’s what makes life wonderful and beautiful and full. 

I know it took me some time to find the words. And words are very often inadequate. But I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you understand just how thankful I am to have had you. You changed my life.

I pray for your family every day. But I know they’ll persevere too. They are your family after all. I know your daughters will be strong, resilient, and deeply kind. And your wife will see so much of you in them. 

We’ll all say goodbye this weekend. But I wanted a moment just for us (and I guess the web since we spent so much of our time together here!) to share how I feel. 

Lots of Love,