The Dawn of a Quarter Century

I’m so ashamed to say this. But I haven’t been writing at all the last few weeks. My pervious post was my last attempt at putting pen to paper (I wish this would still hold. Damn computers). Since then I’ve been having flings with all sorts of different books. Starting and abandoning quickly when I feel unfulfilled. I’ve been desperately seeking out some sort of inspiration, and coming up empty handed.

There have been enough distractions to keep my mind off it, though. Visitors, parties, lovely weather. And this isn’t the end of them. My sister pops into the city tomorrow for my birthday weekend, and next week I’m off to St. Lucia.

No complaints! Of course, all of these things are exceedingly wonderful and far more upbeat than bashing my head on my keyboard before bed, trying to squeeze articulate, eloquent, succinct prose from my brain.

So for now, I’m just going to let myself focus on these things. The writing will come. Or so I tell myself.

And perhaps these reflections are just a result of my impending 25th birthday. It’s my first big birthday since 21, a moment which revolved quite heavily around booze and clubbing (though I can’t say the subsequent ones didn’t pan out a bit like that…). This one feels different. Not because I suddenly feel like a sophisticated woman. I most certainly don’t and I wouldn’t want anyone to assume that. I still feel young. But this year, I’m ready, and rearing to go. 25 just seems like a good age, you know? I’m excited to be one year wiser, with more experiences under my (now classic and timeless) belt (remember those hideous chain belts people wore? That should be reserved for belly dancers and such?). I’m ready to be a little more trusted. A little more responsible. A little better at the things I do. That’s good stuff. And a lot of it just comes with time. So in this case, time is on my side.

Until I start getting wrinkles. Then we’ll be sworn enemies and I’ll bitch about time forever.

But for now, I’m excited! My 26th year of life is going to be a good one. A big one, I suspect.




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