On Finding Balance: Joanna Goddard

Do you read A Cup of Jo?

I’ve been reading Joanna’s blog for years. It was one of the first blogs I ever really took to, and now, it’s one of the first sites I visit every morning over my cup of coffee (even before Facebook!). Although Joanna and I are in very different stages of our lives, I love the honesty and ease with which she writes. And a lot of her topics are really relevant to women of all ages. One, in particular, really struck a chord with me.

Finding Balance.

Over one week, Joanna interviewed 7 moms on how they strike a balance in their lives. All of these women are high performing, career-driven, boss-lady-types with successful marriages and cute little kiddies.¬†Being a woman in my mid-twenties, this is something I’ve started thinking about. Balancing a career, a marriage, a few kids (is that weird to say?) – how do people do it?! I can barely handle my job and cooking dinner… When will I go back to school? How do you know it’s the right time to get married? To have kids?

My Mom + Dad at 24 (with three-year-old me!) – Forgive the blur, it’s a camera-phone shot taken from an old family album.

It’s strange and overwhelming… eep… college!

But these women. These women make it seem so do-able. They aren’t shy about the concessions they make. They don’t sit there any tell you that it’s easy, or that they don’t miss their kids, or don’t feel guilty, but they do make you believe that a woman doesn’t have to be either a mom or a professional.

Here are a few of my favorite bits.

“‘Take gentle care of yourself'” […] is a surprisingly profound thing to remember. Of course, it’s true for everyone, not just mothers. Everybody feels overwhelmed sometimes, and it’s really easy to beat yourself up or put too much pressure on yourself or assume everyone around you has a perfect life. That’s not true, and we should be kind to ourselves and treat ourselves like the sweet souls we are.”

Don’t lose yourself in your identity as a mother. You were a woman before you met your husband/partner. You were a woman before you had your children. Don’t lose sight of who that person is.”

I’ve linked to Joanna’s posts so you can read them for yourselves. Really inspirational (and good to put on your mental shelf for somewhere down the road :)).

Happy Friday,



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