Weddings for Food Fanatics

I worked my favorite wedding thus far, the other week. It was a Christine Paul Event, and it was my favorite for a few reasons. The locale was super chic. Minimal and stunning. They used the New York skyline as part of their decor, used an iPad as a virtual guest book, and had a chef cooking up a storm, in the middle of their dinner venue.

I’ve realized that if a couple loves food, it should always be at the center of their wedding. This couple crafted three special menus, with their chef – one for meats, one for organic veggies, and one for seafood. They served this food buffet style (CLASSY buffet) and had wine pairings for each dish. Their guests were eating until the last possible second. We actually had to personally usher a few guests out because they couldn’t leave their plates and were about to miss the first dance!

Here are some serious Foodie Wedding shots from across the web.

via Ruffled

via Green Wedding Shoes

via Green Wedding Shoes

via Green Wedding Shoes

via United With Love

via United With Love






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