Jennifer Egan at the New Yorker: Short Story Revealed via Tweets

Have you guys heard of “Black Box?”

It’s a new short story by Jennifer Egan, author of Pulitzer prize winning “A Visit from the Goon Squad.” My friend, and fellow bookworm, Sanjana shared it with me this morning, and I think the concept is totally brilliant:

A short story, revealed piece by piece, meaning 140-characters at a time, on Twitter. One tweet per minute, from 8-9pm. Follow @NYerFiction to tune in.

What a great way to get Internet Snobs (who can’t tear themselves away from their digital screens long enough to read a chapter of a book) reading proper literature again! There’s also something really old-school about it. Like when families used to gather by the radio to hear stories revealed in the same piecemeal way. Love it.

For those whose social agenda is simply too demanding to carve out an hour for Twitter-reading, you can follow the entire story here, daily.

Have a lovely Friday!




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