Must Have Engagement Snaps

Morning folks!

I was lucky enough to get home at a decent time on Monday night, and spent quite a bit of time perusing my favorite wedding blogs. I’m usually a pretty fast reader and peruser. I ingest wedding information really quickly (because I read so many blogs) and manage to mentally store away my favorite ideas with ease.

But there are a few aspects of weddings that really make me linger. Especially engagement photos.

There’s something very real about engagement photos. Something that doesn’t necessarily translate into great ceremony/reception photos, even if the photographer is the same. During engagement shoots, the couple is likely alone, with only the photographer as an audience. They don’t feel the need to strike poses for every shot, or constantly smile pretty for the camera. Without hundreds of on-lookers, they can be romantic, intimate, and (most importantly) silly!

love photos where the girl + guys individual personalities shine through, and their dynamic as a couple is highlighted.

Here are some of my favorites from around the web:

via Merci New York

via Merci New York

Apparently this is my favorite couple ever (wonder if it’s because she resembles Zooey) via Merci New York

I love her expression. She just can’t believe how amazing he is via Merci New York

Cute Couple + Dog = Instant Win via Merci New York

Adorable adorable adorable via 100 Layer Cake

I bet they were just skipping via 100 Layer Cake

How amazing are these? My advice – ditch the sexy (or least de-prioritize it!), indulge in some bubbly, and be yourselves. Pretend like no one’s watching. At the end of the day, you’ll want photos that captured exactly who were as a young couple, madly in love!




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