Tech Tuesdays: Digital Adorations

Since I consider myself the ultimate Internet troll, I thought I’d share some of the gems I’ve encountered lately.

1. Smart Argentina: A picture is worth 1,000 words put to good use. I love how BBDO Argentina thought to make the first “Twitter Commercial” by using simple symbols to show that this teeny tiny Smart Car is best choice for city driving. And all in 140 characters or less! Genius.

smart Argentina @smartArg via Angela Sun ;)

2. Drinkify: I am obsessed with this. Say you’re having a few buddies over. You know the mood you want to set – a few light Hors d’oeuvre, some Beyonce (duh, what else), and some lovely conversation. Open up Drinkify, and marvel (drunkenly). – BEYONCE

3. Gosling and Booker – The Comic Book: Since Ryan Gosling saved that New York damsel in distress from getting hit be a car, he is now the universal hero. And he has an online comic book. Behold.

4. Oxford Dictionary’s devotion to preserve the English language in its purist form. They take words that are slowly becoming obsolete (or one’s that are just wildly uncommon), and have people “adopt” them. After adopting a word, the individual has to pledge to use it in conversation. I totally love this.

Essomenic: Showing things as they will be in the future

Enjoy the digital goodies :)



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