Birthday Surprises

Oh weekend… I miss you already. I miss the greenery in Washington DC, the less than packed restaurants/bars, and one of my favorite people ever – Lubna.

BF and I caught an evening bus to DC on Friday, to surprise one of our college BFFs. The bus ride was completely and utterly obnoxious. How can people think it’s alright to jab on the phone hour after hour, in such close quarters! Manners, please! Regardless, we made it in one piece.

Once we got to Lubna’s place, I ran into her room and struck my typical surprise pose – hands flailing –  which she somehow predicted I would do. She just smiled knowingly and said “hiiiii.”


BF and I were convinced she had absolutely no idea we were coming. But behold the power of close friendships. These sort of surprises are never completely unexpected. That being said, we were so happy to be together. All smiles all weekend.

We ventured out to Eighteenth Street Lounge, an amazing 18th century victorian mansion, and then ended the night at Public House, and ultimately with some pizza, o’course.

On Saturday, Lubna and I got some drastically needed alone time. We had a long Thai lunch, walked around on M street, did a bit of shopping, and just caught up. We were both surprised at how normal it felt. Like we see each other every weekend and it’s no big thing. But it was really really nice.

L & I

Saturday night we fully embraced Cinco de Mayo and L’s birthday. We got some amazing Mexican food at El Tamarindo, and then met up with a few friends from BBH who were randomly in town at Grand Central and The Reef.

Cake time!

Hi Michael & Tilly!

BF & I with the Most Interesting Man in the World

We knew we’d be pretty useless on Sunday, after a full & furious weekend, but we grabbed brunch at Scion and then went to a little used book shop. I went totally crazy and bought 5 books (not fun lugging around!). They were each $3! I was seriously excited. I spent the entire bus ride reading The Reader.

We got back later than planned, grabbed some T-Bell (we did spend all weekend in college-mode, afterall) and spent the rest of the night talking about what a great time we had.

Weekends away are the best, but I miss Lubna fiercely already. There’s nothing quite like being with such a close friend.

Happy Birthday, toot! Love you!




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