My friend Emily is such a boss. I miss meeting her for drinks back in Chi-town.


After yesterday’s post about my dislike for aesthetically-based gym marketing, my friend Kim (who is awesome, follow her here) sent me this advertisement for barre classes in Tennessee.

Check out that last line one more time: “You might not get to wear a crown, but your body will get the recognition it deserves.” Let’s parse that, shall we?

1. Wearing a crown is something to be celebrated: I could write a whole other post about beauty pageants, but I’ll save that for another time. Regardless of how you feel about pageantry, note here that the structure of this sentence implies that the goal is not to succeed in the competition, but to literally wear the sparkly thing. This is the adult version of princess culture.

2. Your body, not you, will get recognition: If we grant that a beauty pageant has additional, non-aesthetic components (i.e. community service, leadership…

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