Re-introduction: A slight change of pace


Thanks for swinging by! If you’re a friend, thanks for the support. If you’re not, thanks for spending a few moments perusing my life. I may be a stranger now, but maybe we’d get along!

Whole Creativity was the name of my first big blog. I wrote about the tectonic shifts in my 20-something life, and then abandoned it to pursue my dream of wedding planning. Wedding Planner to-be was the next stop. It was housed on this very page (in fact, you’ll still see all of my WPTB content here, if you scroll down) and helped me dig through my dreams and aspirations. I dug and dug until I came right back around, in true self-revelation style, and found myself in love with exactly what I had. My job in advertising, my life in New York, and the wonderful people I call my loved ones.

So here I am, in another stage of my personal evolution. Back to where I started, but with a lot more certainty. Looking for a place to shoot the shit with like-minded folks. Not just about weddings, or advertising, or art, or food, but about all of it.

Also, I need to get over it and not feel awkward about posting pictures of myself. Even if they’re goofy and weird and you feel strange looking at them. Our relationship needs to be open moving forward.


HA. Well, thanks again for joining me. Leave a comment or two, and let’s be friends!




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