A New York Weekend

Happy Monday, lovelies!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! I had a great weekend, so I’m ready to go this Monday morning.

On Friday night, we met up with a good friend of mine from Cleveland (and later Chicago). She is getting married this August and I love hearing all about her wedding planning process.  Her wedding is going to be… for lack of a better term… epic. So it’s really fun to hear the details.

My NYC (and previously Miami U) girlfriend, Niha, had her best friend in town as well. It was so much fun getting to know her. Meeting your friends’ best friends is always so enlightening, isn’t it?

The girls + my BANGS...

On Saturday, I met Amanda for an afternoon of wedding fun, at the Etsy “To Have & To Hold” event. It was much smaller than we anticipated, but we managed to have a great time – sipping on St. Germain cocktails, posing in the photobooth, and taking in all the GORGEOUS wedding swag. Here’s a peak at some of my favorite stands.

And here’s Amanda and I being goofy (with drinks, albeit fake, in hand, AGAIN)… <3

We followed our wedding galavanting up with a lovely brunch in the West Village & a little walk around town.

I met Niha + her friend Hanane afterwards and we ran around New York in search of the perfect bag (my dream afternoon). We made a pit stop for Magnolia, sat by a random fountain, and had some amazing conversations.

Couldn’t have been better.

Saturday night was spent on my couch, catching up on all my indulgent TV shows, and some much needed relaxation. I got to bed at a decent time, and went for my first run (in an EMBARRASSINGLY long time) on Sunday AM by the water. It was hard, but I felt great afterwards – and I’m painfully sore today – so I know I did good :)

I topped off my weekend with some pizza (hey! I ran!) and lounging with the man. We have some busy busy weeks coming up, so it was nice to spend the evening alone + together!

Ahh, I feel lovely just thinking about it. What did you do this weekend?





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