Wedding Favorites While I Was Off

Hi Friends,

Did you miss me? My apologies for not posting in the last week. I needed some good old R&R and some time to refocus my life and concentrate on my real job hehe. It was a nice, quiet week, and gave me a surprising amount of clarity. It helped remind me how lucky I am to be sort of living my dream, working my dream job, and living my 20’s to the fullest in the greatest city in the world. Sometimes when you’re too busy, you don’t have time to reflect on all the wonderful things you already have.

Needless to say, it was nice to take a mini-hiatus from the hustle & bustle, but now here I am! Back to my normal busy-bee self.

I’m sure you’ve all felt completely and utterly wedding deprived in my absence, wink, so to fill the void, here are some of my favorites from the last week.

Lovely Dining via Once Wed

"...but give us some alone time first. We are newly weds, afterall!" via Once Wed

To marry among the most iconic love stories in the world is something of splendor via Merci New York

I love the warmth, richness, and romance of the above. Having said that, though, they aren’t really “Spring-y.” Am I yearning for Autumn already?!




PS – The title of my post is a subtle nod to a new mobile app BBH Labs has just launched – While You Were Off. If you’re a social addict like me, and hate missing a beat, check it out. It gives you the opportunity to disconnect, but gets you right back into the game once you’re available again. Clutch.


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