I started this morning by perusing a gorgeous Facebook album via one of my friends in India. My last trip was in November 2010, and I’m itching to go back. One set of my (healthy & happy!) grandparents, and the majority of my cousins/uncles/aunts live in India, so our trips back are always amazing.

There’s something magical about India. People truly live their lives there. They savor every day. They eat, drink, celebrate, and spend time with the people they love. Work is always second. People come first. I always wonder what my life would be like if I was born and raised there.

Probably a bit like this.

Trips to the Mountains

Gorgeous houses in the Mountains

Sunsets in the Mountains

Happy family time

Blowout Diwali Parties in New Delhi

Homes filled with light in New Delhi

Lounging in Ambala, Punjab

Grandparent Roundtables in Ambala, Punjab

Shopping in New Delhi

Little cousin time in Dehra Dun

Family Weddings

GORGEOUS family weddings

Lovely, right? I just can’t wait to go back. Better start saving!

Happy Monday!


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