Favorite(?!) Wedding Ever

I know this is a very bold statement.

I’m sure as we continue our relationship together we’ll have plenty of other favorites together. But for now, in this moment, I am totally captivated by this wedding.

I have succumb to the fact that my wedding will never ever be like this. To start, I don’t have three adorable children, the exorbitant & inevitable amount of guests at my hypothetical wedding will not fit in this pleasant Motel in the middle of no where, the man in my life does not look like the lead singer from Iron & Wine, and if I served pizza at my wedding, my large Indian family may disown me.

BUT, God, is this wedding amazing. And I want it. One Day. Take a gander:

All of these lovely images are courtesy of the eye-candy-esque Blue Bird Vintage. You can see the rest of my favorite(?) wedding on her blog. Not to mention all the other pretties. This woman is a G (yes, as in gangsta).




Ps, thanks to my love office girlfriend, Amanda,  for sharing with me!


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