Tricks of the Trade

Morning Sunshines,

I’ve been pretty under the weather the last few days. I had to stay home on Monday to build myself up for a big meeting on Tuesday. I think the lack of free weekends/free time in general has been catching up with me slowly lately.

I guess I ask for it, though. Alongside my busy job, I try and keep up with my blog, help with weddings, and do a few other small things on the side. This makes it hard to exercise, cook healthy meals, spend time with friends. I have a feeling I’ll have to drop something at somepoint. We shall seee.

Anyway, last week while I was writing my little cakes post,  I remembered a tip I heard a long time ago. I can’t remember where I heard it. I have a feeling it might have been on one of the many wedding shows I (used to, due to aforementioned reasons) watch.

A sneaky way to opt for a cheaper wedding cake, if you’re not the type to openly go small, is to include some fake tiers. This is more common than you think. A lot of couples dream of having a grand wedding cake, but simply can’t justify the cost. So, when you’re meeting with your cake team, ask them how the price would vary if you had a few fake tiers in your cake.

Then, to complete the scheme, buy a yummy sheet cake from your favorite bakery, and keep it in the back. After you’ve cut the cake, and it’s been wheeled away, tell the caterers to cut the sheet cake and bring that out for your guest.

Make sure the colors of both cakes are similar so you can pull this off.

Henna Inspired Wedding Cake





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