Thifty Brideship to New Extremes

With all the glitz and glam that comes with weddings, sometimes it’s hard to remember the most important things (the fact that you’re marrying the love of your life)! Couples sometimes spend so much money on flowers, lighting, menu options, by the time they’re inching closer and closer to their wedding day, they’re increasingly out of cash.

South Asian weddings take this phenomenon to an entirely new level. After the cost of 4+ wedding outfits (just for the girl), the cost of 4+ wedding events, and the cost of paying for 300+ guests to dine like rajas and rani, sometimes you just can’t stomach much more (makes me queasy just thinking about it!).

Well Divanee Weddings just found a way for you to save some money for your post-wedding-day life. And Wedding Planner to-be is spreading the word!

It’s tradition for brides to wear large (seriously, HUGE) sets of gold jewelry on their wedding. For many brides these are passed down from their grandmothers and mothers, but if old jewelry is just not your style (or your tastes don’t match up), you need to have some options! And sometimes spending thousands on chunks of gold that you probably won’t wear again — it’s iffy.

Shrikriti Paper Jewelry

So. Ever thought of buying paper jewelry?

The set pictured here is made entirely from paper (INSANE, right!?!?). At a modest $100, it certainly won’t be breaking anyone’s bank either.

So share the news with brides you know, and recruit your India-going friends for shopping duty! This is a steal.




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