Treat Yo Man Right!


I have something really horrifying to share!

As you may know, I have been working on a very marriage/wedding-planning oriented social media project at work. I am LOVING IT (I mean come on, do you know me!?! These two things are my life), but along the way I’m encountering some really really startling information. Like the kind that makes me speechless. And honey, I always have words.

We love having wonderful, beautiful, expensive things (even if you pretend to be really low-maintenance, would you really force your partner to return something beautiful he/she bought you? PROBABLY NOT). And it’s really fun, especially when you get engaged, to think about all the lovely and eternal pieces of jewelry you’ll gather along the way. I mean, you’re going to have to wear those two little rings for the entirety of your marriage (until death do you part, shall we say).

But sometimes we forget –  there’s one more, very lovely and important person, who is going to be wearing their ring for quite some time, too. Your partner.

On average, a man’s wedding band is 13 TIMES LESS than their lady’s. Yes, that’s 13 times. Men often resort to metals like Tungsten, Rhodium, and Titanium for their rings to save a bit of cash. But honestly, your rings are the one thing that really transcend your wedding day and represent your marriage. So make sure the person you love gets something amazing too. Splurge a little. It’s your marriage, afterall. And one day, when the dust has settled, you’ll be glad you did.

(Okay these might be a little excessive – not every man is a Lamar Odom – but they’re also GORGEOUS. PS- here’s his. Oh la la!)

Happy Hump Day!



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