When you really think you DESERVE a present…

Hallo hallo!

It’s Tuesday and that means only two more days until I’m home! Couldn’t be more excited. Mom is on her flight back from India, Dad has already had the cleaning ladies in (this cracks me up!), and my sis and I are gearing up for some full on feasting, shopping, and relaxing. What could be better.

In the spirit of this weekend, I’ve been eyeing a few goodies for myself. You know, since I had one of those weeks and all – CLEARLY I need to buy myself a little pressie to lift my spirits – or so I’m telling myself (actually I’m quite happy today!).

But I’m a little stumped. I tend to jump directly to jewelry as of late, but I always feel just a tinge guiltier when I buy something so indulgent. My second go-to is art. Since I’ve moved and am finally starting to collect some of my own pieces. This is slightly less of a feel so bad you feel good type of buy. It’s art after all. It feeds my soul and enriches my life!

I emailed my choices to BF who conveniently hasn’t responded. And to my sister and cousin, who think they’re too important to tag a long on my whims. SO, this is where you come in!

Which of these items is the absolute must have?

Kate Spade Boyfriend Necklace

Ocean of Love via Society6

"&" by IScreenYouScreen via Etsy

New York Pop Culture Map by IScreenYouScreen via Etsy

Help me help me! Must buy myself a present soon ;)





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