It’s Getting Personal

Hi loves,

Man, this is just one of those weeks. I’m really stressed out and my body is pissed. My skin is a mess, my hair looks dull, my nails are bare and misshapen (the worst!) and I feel so drab overall. I tried to dress to cure the melancholy today, but I guess fashion only takes you so far – who woulda thought? I’m just looking forward to the beginning of March, so I can head back to my parents place, eat a lot of great food, play with the pup, and spend time with the family.

But in the meantime, on nights like last night when life becomes just a little too overwhelming, and I can’t bear to think much longer, I resort to the good old tube. I know people take a lot of pride in saying things like “I don’t own a TV,” “Ugh, TV is such a waste of time,” etc. But damn, I love TV. I feel like it’s really gotten me through a lot. And you know what, smartasses? Sometimes it’s nice to shut your brain off – it needs rest just like the rest of your body.

So there.

Most of my favorite shows are pretty damn embarrassing, but since we’ve gotten so close, I guess I’ll share. Please refrain from judgement. Or don’t. But trust me, I’ll figure out your guilty pleasures and get you right back, honey.

New Girl

If you don’t love New Girl, I don’t think we can be friends. This show is SO FUNNY and down to earth. It’s about a quirky girl that just embraces who she is. She always sing-songy, loves cute things + desserts, and takes everything to heart. That and her wardrobe is amazing – so bright, light, and playful. I actually just bought a very Jess-esque dress, but it’s bright green, so I’m sort of hesitant to wear it haha.

Gossip Girl

I know, I know. This is the epitome of guilty television viewership. It’s about promiscuous, oftentimes immoral rich kids (well, now young adults). But this show is addictive. I’ve seen every episode since it launched and still can’t remove myself from the couch when it’s on. Everyone is gorgeous (see picture above), everybody’s hair and makeup is gorgeous, everybody’s clothes are gorgeous, and the places they go in NYC are gorgeous. The storylines are getting a little out there (Princess + “Lonely Boy” from Brooklyn in love or something?), but… can’t get enough.

And the secondaries…

Mad Men // Vampire Diaries // White Collar // Once Upon a Time // How I Met Your Mother

Any good ones I’m missing (and if you’re thinking “all of them! what kind of crap does this chick watch?! I dare you to watch a few episodes of Vampire Diaries and then tell me you’re not addicted)? Always looking for great new TV shows.

Happy Almost Friday!




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