Celebrities + The Kissy Face

Apparently celebrities, like most of us, love photo-booths. At least once they’ve got a few drinks in ’em.

And it’s so so so entertaining to see their semi-candid faces without all the primping and posing. It seems as if the kissy-face trend is still pretty die hard. As is making your eyes as big as humanly possible, and apparently sucking face with your loved one (or ones…).

Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Some of these are really adorable though. Taylor Swift and Rachel Roy both looked stunning, and Paul Rudd and Jason Bateman were quite dapper (and ridiculous as usual).

I love photo booths. They are always so much fun and I absolutely must have one at my wedding one day. Here’s a pic from this past new years. I look pretty silly but… come on… it was New Years.

NYE 2012

And frankly, I think we’re significantly cuter than J+S. They’re sortttt of skank.

Don’t ya think? ;)


PS – You have to see all of these pics from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.




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