The Art of Brunching

Evening, folks!

Hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend. Despite spending a few hours on work (both BBH & WPTB) this weekend, I must say I feel pretty well rested.

My weekend was so much fun. Time with my girls, almond macaroons, star gazing at the American Museum of Natural History, bumping in my seat to DMC, dinner date, and BF’s Boozy Brunch.

Although Chicago was a big brunch city as well, NYC has got me hooked on Brunch-based events. BF’s birthday festivities yesterday were a blast. Everyone had a great time and kept saying how they wanted to have Brunch Birthdays too (though we can’t take complete credit – his sis and bro-in-law were the first)!

My mentor and wedding planner friend Christine Paul (see more my previous post about her here) had the most beautiful Brunch wedding (at the Plaza no less!) back in 2010. I’m surprised this trend hasn’t caught on like wildfire!

Brunch Weddings

Mmm brunching. Cheers (with Mimosas of course) to a good week ahead!




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