Googly Eyed Over You

Have you guys Googled anything today?

Okay, silly question.

Well, I’m dying over Google’s Valentine’s Doodle. First off, it’s ADORABLE. How cute is it that the little boy tries every method of professing his love, when all it ultimately takes is him showing he cares about the things she enjoys – A true lesson in life, boys!

Also, the Tony Bennett tie-in?! Are you kidding? So genius. Especially after the Grammy’s!

There’s some interesting press out there claiming “political” underpinnings in the Doodle. Namely, the multi-racial, same-sex couple pictured at the end.

Personally, that little call out just makes this Doodle THAT MUCH BETTER.

OWN IT GOOGLE. So proud to be working on a brand like this every day.

Enjoy and share away! This is bound to bring a smile to even the bitter-est of folks.

I’d jump rope with you
(Though I probably wouldn’t last long…),

Your WPTB,


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