4 Million Valentine’s Day Engagements

Happy Monday Morning, Lovies,

Have you seen the crazy statistic rolling around the web today? Apparently Valentine’s Day 2012 will bring 4 million engagements with it (according to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker survey). That’s almost 29% of the total engagements that will take place over the entire year (approximately 14 million)!

That’s total madness. But so romantic. I can’t wait to see how many of YOU get engaged tomorrow. Eeeps!

On my end, Valentine’s Day is also my man’s birthday (and his sister’s! How random?) so we’ll be spending the day celebrating him :). But no worries, I’m planning on picking a random day this year for our Valentine’s day so we (okay, I!) don’t miss out. Who cares what day it is, as long as you’re celebrating your love, right?

Sorry for the cheesefest.

Also, I’m totally obsessing over this gorgeous ring.

Happy almost Valentine’s day!

Your WPTB,


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