The Monopoly of the Blowout Wedding


How the hell are ya? It’s a beautiful, sunny, warmish (mid 40’s in February! The weather this year is unbelievable! Global warming aside…) Tuesday AM here in the Big Apple. I just booked a ticket to see my beloved family in early March, and I’ve been listening to MIA’s new song on repeat, all morning. All of these make for a pretty good mood.

I have to say, I have some freaking great friends. I’ve been getting a lot of support for WPTB lately, and I’m so so thankful. Thank you guys for all of the inspiration, suggestions, and advice. Love you guys.

One of my Chicago loves emailed me the other day and a suggested topic. Here I am, engrossed in my mid-20’s world, talking my mouth off about all the lavish, blowout wedding ideas I have, when in actuality, some people just aren’t (for lack of a better word) wedding divas. They are quite happy with a classy, low-key get together with their family and besties. I blame the Indian in me – I’ve always just assumed my parents will have 500 guests to invite and I won’t really have a choice. But the idea of a really intimate fete is kind of sexy. It gives your event an air of exclusivity and privacy that are pretty hard to come by these days (especially considering every moment of everyone’s lives are plastered all over the web).

The wedding pictured directly below had only 75 guests. Because of this, the couple could spend their money in the way that was most important to them (clearly gorgeous decor), and spend time only with the people most important to them.

Wedding Ceremony via

People who choose to have smaller, more “chilled-out” weddings can also pick totally badass venues. This one could only fit 40 people!

Badass Wedding Venue via Intimate Weddings

Not having to sweat the big stuff is another massive perk of keeping your wedding low-key. Since the people you’ve invited know you inside & out, you can really let loose. And your guests will love it! They’ll say to themselves “that’s so her!!!!” rather than “wow, how drunk is the bride?”

Amazing Dancing Bride via Intimate Weddings

And, quite importantly, you can have your favorite foods. Even if they’re lobsters and expensive as all hell. Because hey! You can only feed your favorites the best of the best. And let’s be honest – no one has hundreds of favorites. This couple only had 10 ;)

Mini Menu via Intimate Weddings

I’m excited to hear whether you guys have any more ideas for low-key weddings. What makes them more appealing than a blowout? Are you considering a small gathering a little more after reading through this post?

Since you’re all in my blogging inner circle, I’d invite you all to my special little day if I had one!



PS – Clearly a lot of inspiration from Intimate Weddings. Seriously check it out. The weddings are to die for.


2 thoughts on “The Monopoly of the Blowout Wedding

  1. I’m in the midst of planning what I hope will be a smallish wedding. Of course the guest list will be about 150 people (filled with obligatory family invites), but in reality my fiancĂ© and I are praying that a maximum of 75 people join us in Savannah for our Wedding. We are reserving a beautiful second floor ballroom in a truly southern-style restaurant and hope there is more than enough room to have a giant dance floor that I will be tearing up all night! Great Post!

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