Controversial Query #2 – The Little Black Dress

Top of the morning, Honeys!

Anyone have a wedding to attend this weekend?

My lovely friend Nancy emailed me the other day asking one of the most eternal wedding-attendee questions.

“Is it a faux-pas to wear a black dress to a wedding?”

Now, of course, what your little old friend who simply writes about wedding planning (me) says isn’t law, but feel free to quote me on this.

It is NOT a faux-pas to wear a black dress to a wedding. There is quite a difference between how you’ll look in a gorgeous black dress on a wedding and how you’d look in black while attending a funeral (excuse my crass morbidity), and there always will be. And in case my word doesn’t hold enough weight (and shame on you!), here are some ways to jazz up your favorite black dress to make it wedding-worthy.

Pick Three:

1 Black Dress

1 Bright Nail:
1 Bright/Shiny Lip:
These will help inherently brighten your look without screaming “LOOK AT ME, I’M AT A WEDDING, NOT A FUNERAL!” Pair these finishing touches with some jazzy earrings, a cool (not too sinister, steer away from anything too dark) cocktail ring, or a statement necklace (like this one) to complete your totally peppy, depression-prone wedding look.
Oh, and smile. Yes. Even if you’re single.
Your Wedding Planner to-be,

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