January Bride-to-Be [Idea Boards – #1]

Happy hump day, folks!

Since it’s still January, and I haven’t lost too much time in 2012, I’ve decided to start a new monthly activity. Alongside helping the amazing Christine Paul with a few weddings here and there, I’m also going to start building my own event planning skills by helping any of my bride-to-be friends design their weddings! On the house, of course :).

Now accepting inquiries. Email me at  AGweddingplannertobe@gmail.com if you’d like any help or know someone who might!

This idea didn’t come out of no where – A few weeks ago, a recently engaged friend of mine asked for a bit of help thinking through some design elements for the Chapel her and her fiancee had chosen for their big day (The Tittle Chapel in Evanston, IL). She sent over some pictures, and the chapel itself was stunning! High high high domed ceilings, stained glass, romantic lighting. Needless to say, I wasn’t really sure how to pull ideas together without overdoing it. Monisha mentioned her inclination towards a vintage, candlelit look, with color, and how she wanted to steer clear of floral. In my opinion, the best place to start when it comes to brainstorming a look for you wedding is on your favorite wedding blogs, sites, or even just Google search! Find a ton of pictures that catch your eye, and see how they fit together. Or just throw them all together and mix & match your favorite elements.

In this first one, I really went for the vintage feel. Really warm candlelight, and other soft lighting. I love the idea of using wine bottles and large candle sticks as a center piece, and draping bare branches with twinkle lights and chandelier-esque crystals. So pretty and glamorous.

In the second board, I made sure to include a bit more color. I just can’t get over the natural, understated feel that greens bring into a event, even if it’s not outdoors. The pop of deep magenta seemed like the perfect shade for the vintage romance of the chapel – vixen like, sort of sexy (yes, even in a Chapel!). I’m in love with the crystal candle stand on the bottom right, and the large glass ones on the top left. I’m still a little hung up on the blue-ish picture in the bottom/middle, but I thought the draping was just beautiful, and made the decor looked really soft, feminine.

All in all, the main elements I went for were:

– Soft, romantic lighting

– Vintage glam (crystals)

– Romantic, but understated coloring

I’d love to hear what you guys think! What are your favorite pictures from the idea boards above? Know anyone who might be looking for help?

Send em my way!

Your Wedding Planner to-be,



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