“Soundtrack to my life”

All of us have experienced it. A song on repeat 100 times over. One that speaks so deeply to who we are and how we’re feeling that we can’t help but feel it was written for us (and that we’re meant to marry the musician…???). Some of the most life-altering moments in our lives, the most memorable, the most crushing are pinned to our mental timeline (please, get Facebook out of your head for once!) by songs.

I know, with the utmost certainty, that picking songs for my big day will be one of the hardest of all pre-marital tasks. If you’re a music lover (and have at some point speculated on “the soundtrack 2 (your) life” (Kid Cudi, anyone?)), I’m sure you feel the same.

So here I am, your dependable WPTB, equipped with a gem to share. I found a blog, Sound Track to I Do that lists song after beautiful, tear-inducing (or pop-lock-n-drop-it inducing), song. What I love about Colleen’s blog, is that she uses visual inspiration as her launchpad and picks music that suits the feel of the visuals – the colors, the textures, the backdrops. So cool. Check it out if you need ideas for an unconventional walk-down-the-aisle song, or just some boogie-worthy tunes.


Soundtrack to I Do

Musically Yours,



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