Sh*t Brides Say

For those of you who haven’t experienced a flood of “Sh*t ____ Say” videos, you’re seriously missing out. 

After “Shit Girls Say” launched about a month ago, new videos have been coming out everyday. There are some outrageously hilarious ones, and it’s so funny to find the ones that you relate to most (see below, obviously they’re all brown girl ones).

Shit Indian Girls Say

Shit White Girls Say to Brown Girls 

But today, I stumbled across Shit Brides Say and I couldn’t stop giggling. Although I can’t relate to it directly, anyone who knows anyone who’s getting married will get a solid laugh out of this.  


“Uglyyy, who would do that??”

“Beads that look like real diamonds”

“Just DIY it”




Your Wedding Planner to-be

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