The Easiest Way to Crash a Wedding

A bright colleague of mine at BBH shared something disturbing with us yesterday. And since it has to do with weddings (in one way or the other), I decided it’d be best to share it.

This is a warning that such people exist, not a propagation of the actual app. Trust me… you want to see this.

Crash Corsage

What I hate about this Crash Corsage app, is that it’s freakin’ smart. Gathering wedding-based data from around the web and aggregating it in a geographically relevant way is pretty damn brilliant. And equally evil. And the saddest part? If one more person leaves one more wedding in a state of post-coital satisfaction (as the app all but promises!!!(???)) and shares their story, people are going to be all over this app (ewwww).

So be warned…

Your Wedding Planner (and potentially wedding bouncer if things like this continue to pop up) to-be,



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