New Plans for a New Year

Now that 2012 is up and running, I figure it’s time for me to make some decisions on how I want to spend my year. Much of this has been decided, but I’ve realized that if I keep milestones to myself, I hardly ever hold myself accountable. SO, I’m asking you, kindly and with the utomost humility to please please help keep me on track.

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My first book of 2012 was Stephen King’s On Writing. A lot of you have already heard me talk about it because I enjoyed it so much. It was written earnestly, humbly, creatively, and with unyielding wit (especially for a autobiographical piece). I recommend it to all people out there who hold writing near and dear to their hearts.

One of King’s biggest pieces of advice for writers is reading. Last year my reading habits fell completely to the wayside as I looked for a new job, moved to a new city, and rekindled a short-distance relationship with the boyfriend. All of these things were wonderful, exciting, had a huge impact on my life, and put me on the right track to achieving my dreams, but now that the dust has settled, its time to start focusing a little more. I’ve already ordered a few books (another realization – a Kindle will never be able to satisfy a bookworm the way flipping through the pages of a book does), plan on starting a BBH book club (details to come, work folks!), and am in the process of scheduling monthly book discussions via video chat with literary bff Miss Kelsey Williams. So clearly, my first goal is to read.

Become a Better Writer

But to me, reading doesn’t represent a final goal. I want to read to write. So along with my two-books-a-month minimum (harder than it sounds, people!), I’ve promised myself I’ll write at least 15 minutes a day to start, and build gradually from there. What’s scary about writing is that it really unearths some crazy emotions. Experiences you had when you were 13 from which you still haven’t healed. Friendships you didn’t realize were wilting. It’s some deep shit! But in that sense, writing won’t only help me achieve my ultimate, in-my-dreams aspiratation (for those of you who don’t know me as well as you’d like, (haha!) I will write a book one day!), but it should also help me deal with the skeletons in my closet (we all have ’em), and maybe become a more introspective, think before I act, type of gal. Not to mention it’ll keep me honest when it comes to updating my blog more frequently (it’s either that or writing short stories… guess what my first one is about…).

Stay in Touch

I’m the first to admit that I have a tendency to get really caught up in my day-to-day life (especially when I set goals like the above for myself). But this year, I must focus more on my friendships and relationships. Call the people that I’ve been meaning to call for months, respond when my sister sends me a picture of an amazing bag (yes, I’m ashamed), have weekly video chats with my almost-in-law-school cousin before her life no longer includes time for human interaction, actually meet my high school besties who are by some act of God in the same city as me for dinner or drinks regularly.

Get One Step Closer to Realizing my Dreams

Pretty self-explanatory? Help with more weddings. Rock at my new job (which is exactly how I hoped it would be). Bask in the fact that I’m in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man in the middle of the “greatest city in the world.” Love my family and friends to the core. And do all of the above.

I think all of these goals are achievable (I’m not telling myself I’m going to exercise 4 days a week for goodness sake- laughable), and will make this year a great one. I know it’s cliche, but I hope everyone out there is thinking about ways they can improve themselves (or just taking small steps to improving their life). It’s a great place we’re all in – healthy, independent, smart, beautiful – and we really shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

Hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday. Here are some pretties to get your day started off right :)

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