The Gold Standard

My job has taken quite a pleasant turn lately. I’ve been working heavily on a client that simply mandates knowledge of engagements, weddings, marriage, and all the fun pretty stuff that goes with them. I spent my day today helping define the voice of a brand that plays in the wedding space, and I’ve been having a field day!

The main topics of exploration are engagement rings and wedding bands. Now it goes without saying that the majority of marriage-inclined women in the world have at least the semblance of a dream ring in mind. Platinum vs. White Gold vs. Yellow Gold. Princess Cut vs. Asscher vs. Round. Diamond band vs. The simpler unembellished band (it’s all about what the marriage bands means, after all). But as I was wandering the web and sauntering through my own mind today, I realized that most women don’t really evaluate all their options emotionally. They look at celebrity rings, what their friends have, what’s in vogue, and forget the what the subtlest choices say about who you are.

To be honest, I never thought of myself as a “gold” type girl. Of course, in the last year or so I’ve noticed myself wearing it a lot more of it (aka I’m super trend conscious and my tastes are malleable – #fail), but when it comes to something I’ll be wearing for my entire life, I’ve always assumed I’d go the white gold/platinum route (did you guys know that platinum rings run on average $1,000 more than gold/white gold?!).

Today was the second time I’ve ever vacillated (the first time was when I saw my beautiful friend Sarah’s stunning gold solitaire). I started thinking about the meaning of gold – all over the world. Here are some of the themes I dug up:

In Indian and Chinese culture, Gold (yellow) signifies wealth (no shit, $5+ per ounce!). But it is also said to bring luck and happiness throughout married life. It’s considered highly auspicious.

In Buddhism, Gold symbolizes the sun and fire. The most precious of all elements.

Here in the United States, gold represents tradition. It maintains its status as the most auspicious of metals and is said to bring peace and happiness to who possess it. It also speaks to “eternity,” and a long-lasting marriage.

Even in the most literary of senses, gold represents power and strength.

There’s something nice about the sentiment behind yellow gold that is blatantly absent in other precious metals. And when it comes to something as emotionally charged and traditional as a marriage, it almost seems like the obvious choice.

Now all my eventual engagement ring influencers out there – I’m not jumping to make any rash decisions – just think it’s something to consider ;). What do you guys think?? Have a great week all!


Your Wedding Planner to-be,



2 thoughts on “The Gold Standard

  1. I like to think it is the intent behind the ring, not the ring itself that is so meaningful. Not every man has the buget to get the ring they would love to present to the love of their life when popping the question, but we do what we can ;-).

    On that note, some other creative metal choices outside the realm of different shades of gold and platinum (if you are a tradition hardliner even platinum is outside the box) are tungsten and titanium. I had two co-workers when I was an intern that chose these. Titanium is much stronger and lighter than any other traditional wedding band metal so it symbolized the strength of the bond and being able to rise above any conflicts. Tungsten is much heavier and is also malleable so it sybolozed the weight of the commitment and the ability to work together through change.

  2. You’re so right… it’s all about what the ring means. It’s always the thought that counts most :) And really interesting interpretations of Titanium and Tungsten. I didn’t realize how popular they were!

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