Real Women Do It Themselves

Don’t get me wrong. I like expensive things as much as the next girl. And when it comes to décor, especially wedding décor, you can’t go wrong with lux. Chandeliers, beautiful candle light, thousands and thousands of flowers, silk, velvet… you know, the rich stuff (double entendre intended). I’m totally drawn to it. When I saw Kim K’s wedding (is it okay to discuss this yet?), I actually gasped at the splendor! I mean, what’s not to love.

But when my out of body experience (again, referring specifically to how I felt while watching the Kardashian Event – how funny that it was called a Kardashian Event, definitely a bad sign) ended, and I found myself still seated in my little (I mean really little) old NYC apartment, it dawned on me. I would never have that. And neither would the vast majority of similarly situated young ladies. So since, despite being drawn to the fancy, I am fascinated by the  opposite side of the spectrum. Namely, DIY.

Now to some, “do it yourself” sounds daunting and cheap, and like it should be reserved for men who frequent Home Depot, are re-doing the bathroom in the basement of their home, or (on a slightly more pleasant note) building a tree house for their kids. It certainly does not sound like it’s a task for a bride.

But if you’re like me, and you love Pinterest (here we go again…), you’ve probably noticed just how many absolutely amazing things you can do if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, and not willing to spend a fortune.

Today, I want to focus on centerpieces. DIY centerpieces are a really easy way to keep your budget in check. Not to mention there are some seriously beautiful ideas. Martha Stewart has a ton.

In my opinion, flowers are a must. Real flowers bring so much life to décor, they smell wonderful, and they’re just plain classy. But if you’re clearing out your pockets to pay for flowers (or just think feeding your guests is more important – debatable), you need to think more conservatively when it comes to other table accessories. The first and last pictures below require lots of flowers, the second requires significantly less (although I’d personally clump all of the little vases together to have a bigger effect), and the third doesn’t have any (but still stunning!).

Bags O Flowers - Martha Stewart

Moss & Roses - Martha Stewart

Doily Chandelier - Martha Stewart (Tutorial Included)

White - Martha Stewart

It’s also important to keep in mind that centerpieces CAN be really simple. Table settings are just like outfits. It’s all about how you accessorize. Pair a simple white combination (like above) with a bright yellow tablecloth for a simple, modern, really beautiful effect.

I hope this gets your wheels turning and your creativity brewing. Weddings don’t have to break the bank! In fact, some of the most gorgeous ones don’t.


Your Wedding Planner to-be,




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