The Coziest of Weddings

My latest post on Divanee Weddings!

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us; our Starbucks cups already don happy snowmen, our Uggs are out and raring to go, and our colleagues have already abandoned popular tunes for their Pandora Christmas station.

But since we’ve only just had Halloween, and since Christmas is almost two months away, let’s focus on the other most wonderful time of the year. Namely, Autumn.

Autumn, in my wedding-planner-y opinion is actually the perfect time to have a wedding. The weather is crisp and cool, the leaves themselves can serve as décor, the color palettes are rich, deep, and bursting with warmth and romance, and (not to get practical on you, but) the venues are more manageably priced.

Let me help you think up some stunning, autumnal ideas, and encourage you (strongly!) to consider an Autumn wedding.

1. Color Color Color

As mentioned, the colors associated with Autumn are enough to immediately give people a feeling of warmth and festivity. Historically speaking, the season of the harvest was a time of joy, family, of closing up shop and enjoying what you had worked for, all year long. Deep reds cultivate a feeling of intimacy, saturated oranges a feeling of coziness, and hoppy yellows bring the festive spirit. These colors, although they could simply recall images of Pilgrims, are very reminiscent of our very owndesi weddings. So let’s keep to tradition, but put a seasonal twist on it.

2. Think Outdoors

Fall is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. The weather is moderate, people can sit outside with a light shawl and trust that their makeup will stay in place. For an ourdoor wedding, your surroundings will serve as your décor. The colored trees as your backdrop, a healthy green as your aisle. Autumn weddings give people the opportunity to go back to their once-nature-focused roots. Imagine a mandaap made of colored leaves, or rich silks. Take a step back from the clean, straight-lined, and modern weddings, and allow yourself to go a little crazy!

3. A Subtle Intimacy

Despite our typical 1,000 guest desi wedding, these occasions are meant to be intimate. And just because your mom’s best friend’s sister’s husband’s niece simply HAS to be on the guest list, doesn’t mean that you can’t create a feeling of closeness and intimacy on your big day. While the colors will do a lot of this for you, there are other fine details you can incorporate to take this feeling further. In terms of décor: lots of candlelight, velvets, silks, soft yellow lighting, sunflowers, goldenrods, tiger lilies. In terms of menu (and outside of your desi food list, which is a must): hot soups (I suggest butternut squash because of its color, and thick, indulgent consistency), hot toddies (whiskey, boiling water, honey), spiked apple cider (YUM), a hot chocolate bar, long artisan breads, pies, the list, clearly, goes on.

The beauty of a Fall wedding lies in the spirit of the season. It’s a spirit of coming together to rejoice in what we have, spend time with family and friends, and (most importantly to some) EAT! So when you’re planning your wedding, forgo the summery pastels, and the cool blues of winter, and opt for something a little cozier.

Your Wedding Planner to-be,



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