The Death of the Fusion Wedding

We’ve all heard it. And often. Whenever a bi-racial couple is tying the oh-so-complicated (sarcasm intended) knot, whenever a North Indian bride is marrying a South Indian groom, whenever a girl wants to look a little oh-la-la on her wedding day. Every time anyone says the term Fusion Wedding, I literally feel like I’m being beaten like a dead horse (wow, how awful is that phrase?!). Fusion weddings have become so commonplace in our society, that the term is quickly becoming obsolete.

For those of us who were born and raised in America, having a subtle Western twist to our weddings would not deem it fusion. In fact, since we are quite substantially American, it should (and to a certain extent, has) come to be expected. There are some wonderful Western traditions. Why can’t we have the best of both worlds if we’ve lived in each of them.

1. The White Dress

Not all of us think RED when we think wedding. In fact, many of us don’t. We’ve seen chick flick after chick flick, all boasting big, bustling, WHITE wedding dresses. Now to some people, the thought of wearing a white dress during their ceremony just won’t fly. But think about it, desi brides, how many wardrobe changes do you have planned? One of the sassiest ways to include white in your wedding is by changing into something a little more “comfortable” before the reception. It’s tough dancing around in all that heavy bling, so why not opt for a simpler (maybe even sexier) little white number? Give it a think!

2. The Aisle

Personally, for me this is a no-brainer. What bride wouldn’t want an aisle, is more like it. Let’s discuss the benefits: You get to show off your outrageously beautiful wedding lengha, salwar kameez, sari, which you will likely never wear again. You get to see the look on your man’s face as you walk towards him. You can walk alone, declaring your independence, or with the people who mean the world to you (pre-marriage). It’s so symbolic! Every recent bride I know has had an aisle, and the walk down it is always one of the most poignant parts of the entire wedding.

3. The Wedding Party

Considering we all probably have gigantic families, this point may be null and void, but should be discussed, regardless. I, for one, would not make it through the hectic/chaotic/emotionally-satiated event that is my wedding without a support system. I would need the people who have talked me down from all my inevitable ledges, to be there. For me, these people are my sisters. For others, these are their best girlfriends. For others, it’s their best guy friend. Whoever it may be, why would you not want them around? Plus, no one likes individual pictures as much as cute group shots (calm down, egoists!).

There are many many ways in which you can create an American Desi (pun intended) style wedding. But most importantly, when you’re planning your big day, make sure to keep in mind what’s unique to you, as a couple. Maybe it’s not a Western twist. Maybe it’s not even a desi one. Bottom line, your wedding days is yours and yours only. So do what you may with it, and make it count!

Your Wedding Planner to-be,


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