Very Inspirational Person – Cio Flor-Surovec of Rosy Girl Baked Goods

I must have surrounded myself with the right people growing up. My friends are doing big things!

One of my besties, Cio, is the founder of a one-woman, in-home bakery service, out of her kitchen in Lakewood, Ohio. Her treats are just unreal. Everything that goes into her desserts is local and hand-picked. She frequents farmers markets around the Cleveland area and goes berry picking (with her man in hand! Love it) to ensure that only the best ingredients go into her artisan cupcakes, breads, jams, you name it.

Her story began with a batch of Earl Gray Cupcakes (die!), and a Ladies Night.

Earl Gray Cupcakes, Girl Baked Goods

It just so happened that Cio had been partaking in some baking, and one of the ladies at Ladies Night was in search of a new baker for the Lakewood Farmer’s Market. One thing led to another and boom! Lakewood Farmer’s Market had a new baker, and Cio had a new gig. She immediately began coming up with some of the most unique flavors: Chocolate Tarragon, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Peach Blueberry and Thyme, Chocolate Balsamic, Chocolate Malt, Sweet Potato, Lavender and Honey, Peppermint Tea, and one of my favorites, Vanilla Almond. Cio is still exploring, learning, and finding ways to make her treats and amazing as they can be. And that’s what I love about her.

But what immediately drew me to her, as a Wedding Planner to-be (and not her close friend from college haha), were her AMAZING bridal shower/wedding cupcake toppers. I totally died for these and vowed to myself (and even she doesn’t know this yet!) that only Cio would make the treats for my bridal shower/engagement party. Whenever that happens to mosey along :). So C, start brainstorming!

Rosy Girl Baked Goods



When it comes to wedding dessert trends, Cio thinks that everyone is going to slowly start moving away from cakes. Although it’s traditional,

Cakes are expensive and sadly, more often than not, they just don’t taste that great with all that Fondant piled up on them… [Cio’s] starting to see a trend toward dessert tables which display a variety of sweets, mixing cupcakes, cakes, cookies, pies, macaroons and candies together.  It’s a lot cheaper to go this route and [she] think[s] you can have a lot more fun decorating the table to your specific tastes.  Whether it’s just simple, all white plates and stands, or using different materials like wood stands, you can really do so much with a dessert table versus a traditional wedding cake.  [She] really believe[s] this variety is the future for wedding desserts.

So there you have it, folks. A true expert’s opinion! I encourage you all (especially those in the Cleveland area), to check out the Rosy Girl Baked Goods Facebook page. Like it, comment, check out the pictures, and seriously… ORDER SOME CUPCAKES! You can also leave comments here to show your love for the both of us :)

Sweetly Yours,




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