OKAY, so I’m a big girl.

When I mention my love for wedding planning, there are a few things that immediately pop into my discourse partner’s mind.

1. What a domesticated girly girl (when in fact I consider myself quite a feminist – more on this to come soon)

2. She’s clearly obsessed with getting married.

3. Her poor boyfriend.

For now we’re going to focus on #2 (as #1 requires far more time and consideration, and #3 is totally true – My poor man!).

In all honestly, I have hardly thought about my own wedding. I have piles and piles of notes and cut-outs and ideas scattered all over my apartment, but not one of those scraps is for me. When I start to imagine my own wedding, I am always stopped short. I can see all of my friends dancing around wildly, I can see my parents faces, I can see the man, but that’s that.

There is only one thing I know with the utmost certainty. And that is, in my dear mother’s words, that I am a “big girl.” In the past, this statement has caused quite a visceral reaction in me (not in the good way, Draftfcb-ers!), but at this point, I’m used to it. I stand at a statuesque height of 5’9 (I feel like I have to make it sound rather lovely to combat the “big”), at which I’m “bigger” than all the other girls in my family, and nearly as “big” as my boyfriend. Simply put, I am one tall woman.

I’m also one of those tall women that loves pretty shoes. The 6 inch Christian Loboutins, Swarovski-heeled Pradas, I’m all over it. And the one thing I know for damn sure? I WILL wear beautiful shoes when I get married.

So for all the “big” ladies out there, here’s a look at some of the oh-so-prettiest flats (or mini-heels) around.

Christian Louboutin Gozul flats

Kate Spade Flash flats

Kate Spade Mattie

Badgley Mischka Flats

Benjamin Adams

Aruna Seth

Vera Wang

Slip a pair of these on for size and then take a survey of your friends. You’ll see how many of the ladies will want to walk a mile in a “big” girl’s shoes!





I forgot to add in the sparkly wedding Toms! Thanks, Cio :)

Bridal White Women's Glitters


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