Ready to (inter)mingle?

I am so excited right now. One of my bffs just opened my eyes to the new and amazing Wedding Nouveau magazine. First of all, my sincerest apologies for having not shared one of my favorite wedding websites with you. Second of all, I can’t imagine why it took them so long to launch a magazine. It’s brilliant (and print media is NOT dying, so get over it).

The basis of this magazine is the new multicultural and multiracial bride. They’re at the forefront of interracial/fusion weddings and wedding ideas for all sorts of brides (multicultural or not). They have the most stunning, vibrant, culturally-enriched wedding materials I’ve ever seen. From engagement shoots in Jaipur,  to a tradition Navajo wedding in New Mexico, I am constantly in awe, not only of the amazing team at Wedding Nouveau, but also of the amazing couples they feature.

The magazine is built by a team of superstars. Globe-trotters, jewelry-makers, pastry-bakers, event-designers, the list goes on. This is the type of publication Wedding-bloggers (especially ones like me! Or the undying optimist-blogger in me, at least) would die to contribute to.

Now before I get too tangential, the main purpose of this post is to tell all of you to get your hands on this first issue. You can preview it here, and the digital issue is only $2.99 (STEAL). Even if you and your partner are literally from the same one mile radius in the motherland, I have no doubt you’ll still find unbelievable inspiration here. Unique and chic weddings are always in, after all.


Happy Monday, my curious friends!


PS – I hope they start featuring LGBTQ weddings/ceremonies too.


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