What to do with a few balls

Or maybe I should say, 100 glass bubble balls, for delicacy’s sake.

CB2 carries these hand-blown glass bubbles. They’re very reasonably priced between about $2-$4, and can make for the most stunning arrangements.

CB2 Bubble Balls

I encountered my absolute favorite of these a while back. The following picture has been pasted and re-pasted into my “WPTB’s most beautiful and brilliant ideas” (that’s a lie, I have no such nickname for my fat, tattered WPTB notebook), and I think its absolutely stunning. This sort of light fixture can also span across themes, and tastes. You can fill these little balls of wonder with glitter, flowers, leaves, you name it.

@ 100layercake

If I don’t have this lighting arrangement at my own wedding one day, my name isn’t A!

Here are the instructions on how to build your own “Bubble Chandelier” via the most esteemed 100 Layer Cake.

Happy-Almost-Friday, Darlings!



Check out Aruna B. Photography if you’re keen on starting/drooling at more beautiful pictures from this wedding.


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