Ugly Betty got Fineeee

I have recently become obsessed (to the point of watching 3+ episodes a day) with Ugly Betty. It goes far beyond the assumed theme of the superficial Fashion industry and how an “ugly” girl fits into it. It’s clever, hilarious, sexy, and has some undeniable insight on the topics of growing up, seeing the good in everyone,  “beauty,” culture, and friendships/relationships, both familial and romantic. Outside of the storyline, the casting is impeccable. I love America Ferrera, Vanessa Williams is the sassiest biatch, and the entire Suarez family is just darling. I would be thrilled to give you my take on the entire series (I think I have 10 episodes left), but I refuse to give anything away. You just have to Netflix Instant Stream it!

But since this is a wedding planner (to-be)’s blog, I can’t just provide totally uncritical TV show reviews.

Ferrera got married (in real life!) in late June to her college sweetheart Ryan Piers Williams. She wore Amsale’s beautifully tiered “J’Adore” gown from the Christos Bridal collection. Tiers are one of the hottest bridal trends of summer 2011, and the Ugly Betty star looks quite stunning, to say the least.

America Ferrera and college sweetheart Ryan Piers Williams

Here’s a glimpse at other Ugly Betty weddings that take place throughout the series. SPOILER ALERT!

And some real life cast weddings. How gorgeous is the back of Ana’s dress?!

Ana Ortiz weds Noah Lebenzon

This last picture is so dreamy.

Ana Ortiz weds Noah Lebenzon

Have a beautiful day, friends!




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