Virtual Wedding Designer?

Happy Friday, Lovelies!

My apologies for not being on top of posting lately. I’m sure I’ve left you all high and dry and you’re simply in raptures to see me posting again. I will be sure to share any juicy news on my life when appropriate, in order to gain some sympathy and dispel any reader angst. But until then…

We’re all clearly familiar with Wedding Planning tools on Martha Stewart, The Knot,, Wedding Wire, Mint, etc., but this is the first time I’ve seen a tool that literally brings your wedding vision to life in under thirty seconds. I am awestruck! It’s beautifully crafted, has a simple, user-friendly interface, and is just plain magical.

Here’s the scoop. You go to Preston Bailey’s fabulous website. Mosey around for a while to soak it all in (because the entire site is filled with gems!), and when your bridal impatience finally kicks in, click on “Tools,” and “What’s Your Color Story.” From here you simply choose a color, and then share the number of guests attending your wedding, the location, the light source, and the tone. The last step is to add a “Preston Factor” to the mix: Theater, Night Club, Garden, or Spa, and voila! Your dream wedding awaits.

Preston Bailey "What's Your Color Story?"

I’ve had about 15 hypothetical weddings at this point, and I just can’t stop! Here’s the last one our little virtual friend came up with:

Preston Bailey "What's Your Color Story?"

Isn’t it in gorgeous!? Make sure to peruse Preston’s website for more amazing thoughts (like this post about the impact of the legalization of gay marriage on the wedding industry) and ideas (like these quirky personalized stamps).




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