The Renaissance of the Nerd

Good morning folks!

I was just partaking in my daily Facebook stalking and came across yet another amazing proposal (courtesy of Shereene Tailor and Niha Reddy). Guys are getting fancy! Gone are the days of proposing in the living room with a few candles lit! In fact, it seems like the most amazing proposals today have to do a lot with grand media-based gestures. Matt Still and Ginny Joiner’s tear jerking movie trailer proposal, and now this. I absolutely love this proposal. Girl (Meghan) <3’s Boy (Jon), Girl <3’s HTC Incredible, Boy <3’s Girl and knows she <3’s her HTC Incredible, and decides that the best way to propose to her is via the little gadget she’s always got on hand. Oh and using Harry Potter. WHAT UP. So Boy builds a proposal app (using App Inventor, a tool for amateurs who want to build an app, fast – of course it’s Google) disguised as a Harry Potter trivia game. Little did Girl know she was about to win a lot more than free movie tickets.

I love how Jon used such cutting edge technology to propose to his Fiancée. And I love that it’s just plain nerdy (Harry Potter and App customization!?). Leave it to a computer engineer! What a cool dude.

Happy Tuesday, All!



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