The New Wedding Treat

Ever since Starbuck’s recently started carrying the Cake Pop, it seems to have caught on like wildfire! Cake Pops are everywhere (not that I mind). I was first introduced to them at an office function during which I consumed about 11 within 30 minutes. Disgusting but wonderful all at the same time! Cake Pops are also the perfect mini-dessert for weddings. They come in all shapes, flavors and designs, and they’re just little bites! Tasty + Automatic Portion Control = PERFECTION. These are some of my favorites. How cute would the Hello Kitty Pops be for a little girl’s birthday party? And the Sheep for a slumber party? Adorbs. Visit Bakerella¬†for more aww-inspiring :) ideas!

Beau Coup Wedding Brownie Pops

Bakerella Sheep Cake Pop @

Bakerella Wedding Cake Cake Pops @

Bakerella Hello Kitty Cake Pops @

Bakerella Potato Head Cake Pops @




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